Christians Are Like Websites: An Analogy

Christians are like websites. Each one of us is unique, and God made all of us with different personalities and functions in the body of Christ. Some of us are set up to take orders or give direction. Some of us focus on sharing information (about salvation), and some of us just make people feel better when they visit us. And, just like websites, there are some very important things that must occur for our websites to run at an optimal level.

We Must Be on the Correct Browser

Have you ever tried to open a website on Safari or Explorer but it wouldn’t load? Or, it loaded but showed a spinning circle or tiny blue boxes with question marks instead of the pictures you might usually see? That’s because some websites prefer the browser Chrome. Think of the world like Safari and Explorer. Christians need to run on Chrome. That just means that in order for us to function in the capacity for which we were created, we have to do things God’s way. We have to be living the Christian life following Christian precepts, and striving for Christian goals. If we try to be Christians while following the world’s system, that could make some of our buttons inoperative. Buttons like biblical truth, love for fellow men, forgiveness for all, obedience to God’s call, and crucifixion of flesh all disappear or get quirky on the world’s system.

Our Websites Must Be Updated

How many times have you installed an update and then went to a familiar website to see a whole new look and features? Sometimes the changes are immediately pleasing. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of time to get used to the new way of doing things. In the analogy, that looks like renewing our minds daily in the Word of God. Daily time spent reading the Bible allows us to see what we should be so that we can pattern our lives to match. God can make some serious changes to our lives when we submit to His will. We do that by prayerful study and striving to be more like Christ. In the Christian walk, much like technology, growth is essential to avoid becoming obsolete. God can only use people who are completely up-to-date with all the newest features He requires.

We Must Have Wi-Fi

Browsers and updates are all well and good, but phones, laptops, and tablets are just paperweights without Wi-Fi. It’s the power that connects people to the websites they want to see. A Christian’s power comes from a strong relationship with God Himself. We must connect to God by spending time in prayer and diligently seeking His will for our lives. It’s all about the strength of the connection. If you have ever had a busy week with lots of distractions that kept you from spending the time with God you usually spend, you have felt the drop in power that connects us to the victorious Christian life. It diminishes when we shift our focus away from God and toward the millions of little details that life (and warfare) throws at us. When WiFi is spotty, websites don’t load nearly as fast. Instead of a quick click to peace, joy, and hope, those tabs could take time to appear, if at all.

Christians are like websites We are all unique and fulfill the function we were created for. It’s up to us to make sure that we are living the Christian life, growing and renewing our minds, and staying connected to God and His power. It is only then that we can give the world the optimum Christian experience.

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