Anchor Your Soul in Hope

This is the picture of the cover of the book Anchor Your Soul in Hope.

Reduce stress, strengthen faith, and foster a closer walk with God using this 13-week devotional workbook.

There are 182 pages of fun challenges, prayer starters, and nautical coloring pages, plus 91 different Bible verses to journal right inside the book. 

Each week’s theme is based on a line from the beloved hymn, “I’ve Anchored in Jesus,” and covers such topics as faith over fear, two kinds of rest, and trading sorrow for joy.

How To Use This Devotional

Each Week on Sunday Evening

  • Enjoy an article based on the Bible that corresponds to the theme for the week matching each line from the hymn “I’ve Anchored in Jesus.” 
  • Color an intricate nautical picture that corresponds to the theme, thinking about the details in light of what you have learned.
  • Journal a daily scripture passage right inside the book using insightful questions that help you dig deeply into the meaning of the verse.
  • Use prayer starters to jumpstart your prayer life for a more intimate walk with God

Every Other Day of the Week

  • There is another relevant Bible verse to match the theme for the week
  • More journal questions with lots of lines
  • A fun challenge that illustrates or compliments the lesson 
  • More thoughtful prayer starters. 

Check Out These Reviews!

“I love this devotional workbook! The coloring pages are beautiful and I love how each day is set up. If you like to take notes, doodle and color while doing your daily bible reading this book would be perfect. This book would make a perfect gift for men or women.” — Ann F

“This is a great devotional. Not only are the lessons relevant, but I felt challenged to examine my own walk with the Lord to make sure I am anchored in Jesus during some of the most difficult days this generation has ever faced. The activities are thought-provoking and some are really fun! The coloring pages are amazing, too! You won’t be disappointed if you purchase this book.” — Kim J

“What a beautiful idea to combine journaling, coloring with Bible study by using the lyrics to a song. Excellent idea to use creativity in our spiritual growth, plus it helps us slow down and really let the scriptures and lessons wash over us and sink in. Too often we read a verse or a devotional and then get on with our day and later can’t even remember what we read cause we didn’t take the time to ponder what it meant to us. That is what I love about this 13 week devotional. It is set up to integarate scripture reading and devotions with reflection time. This would be an excellent gift for friends and Christian sisters. ” — D. Chatley

Even More Reviews

“I think that anyone who is looking for an innovative way to spice up their devotional life should look no further than this devotional. This book will engage your creativity through the coloring pages provided, the daily challenges, and all the space for notes, thought and doodles. Don’t be intimidated by the doodling aspect of this devotional, I am by no means an artist, I just enjoy using this avenue to spend time with God and I think that you will also.” — Stephanie P

“I am very impressed by the quality and detail of this devotional. I am a big believer in doodling as a form of meditation. For those that want to meditate on God’s word and don’t feel very focused in the traditional avenues you should try color meditation. Angela’s devotional is perfect for this. The format is easy to follow and the coloring pages are beautiful. I really like that it appeals to men as well as women. I love this devotional.” C. Castleberry

“As someone who loves coloring and drawing to de-stress, I really loved this devotional!! All the devotions were beautifully written and felt so personal to me. I really love the layout of the devotionals and how they all respond to a line from the Bible. I thought this devotional was really beautiful and the drawings were so cute and fun!!!” — Kasie H

Read the first week’s devotional here: Week 1: Our Anchor of Hope or listen to it here Anchor Your Soul in Hope.

Buy Today in Paperback or E-Book Form

Note: E-book doesn’t have nautical coloring pages or lines for Bible journaling. It does contain suggestions for sketches based on each week’s theme.