Printables for New Christian Converts

This is a picture of a new growth in some dirt in a child's hands to represent new Christians.

Evangelism is wonderful, but leading someone to Christ is just the first step. Just like babies need lots of attention and care, babes in Christ also need discipleship and good role models to move forward in their relationship with Christ. Sometimes this can be achieved by one-on-one mentorship. Other times, that’s not feasible. Here, at least, is some literature to leave new Christian converts who have just made a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Each file is meant to be printed double-sided and folded twice to form a 3-panel brochure. The back middle panel is left blank for your church or organization’s stamp. If you would like a copy of any of these in a Word file, email As long as you commit to using these with integrity to biblical Christianity, you are free to make changes to the verbiage to fit your church.

From Convert to Disciple: 6 Easy Steps to Get You Started on Your Journey

As a new believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, you might be wondering where to begin. Here are six easy steps to get you started on a life-long journey to get to know your Savior and begin serving Him faithfully.

All About That Butterfly Life: the Metamorphosis from Sinner to Christian

What an amazing change the pudgy, squishy caterpillar had to make to become that delicate butterfly. As Christians, we went through our own metamorphosis when we became born again. Now we must live like the butterflies we are.

You Just Joined a War, So Prepare to Fight: Get to Know Your Spiritual Weapons

Becoming a Christian isn’t the end of your troubles. It’s the beginning of your time as a soldier for God. Colossians 2:15 tells us that the devil is a defeated foe, but he still attacks Christians to hurt us and try to get us to turn away from God. When we understand our weapons, both defensive and offensive, we are prepared to fight and win.

Use these pamphlets to encourage new Christian converts. If you are looking for more resources for evangelism? Check out these Free Resources to Share the Gospel. Or, check out this wikiHow: 3 Ways to Become a Christian According to the Bible.