Free Teen Bible Lessons

This is a picture of a teen Bible study.

If you need ready-made teen Bible lessons, I have several PowerPoint presentations available. I created them for use with my high school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. You are welcome to use them as the videos below. Or, if you email me, I would be happy to send you the original PowerPoints. You may tweak to your specific group’s needs, but I just ask that you keep the original biblical integrity of the lesson. If you think of a lesson that you would like created, contact me at the link above, and I will see what I can do.

The Gospel

This presentation breaks down John 3:16. It takes it phrase by phrase, and it explains the gospel and the importance of sharing it.

The Proverbs 31 Woman and The Ephesians 5 Man

This presentation breaks down Proverbs 31 and a portion of Ephesians 5. It explores the characteristics of the ideal, godly man and woman. It ends with a video from Redefined TV discussing the difference between a good man and a God man.

The Full Armor of God

This presentation identifies the pieces of the full armor of God, and it explains exactly what to do to make sure this armor is on and working in our lives.

God’s Like Button

Social media can be fun, but we are to seek to please God and not man. This teen Bible lesson explores the things God likes and how we know that we are pleasing to Him.

King Manasseh of Judah

This is a story of God’s mercy and the consequences of sin. This presentation starts with a short video of “The Nails in the Fence.” The video illustrates that actions have consequences. The Old Testament story of King Manasseh follows, cataloging his journey from idolatrous king to champion of God. It ends with a call for teens to consider their own actions and the consequences of them.

If you are looking for a longer study, check out my devotional Anchor Your Soul in Hope. It’s a 13-week devotional with lines for Bible journaling and weekly pictures to color. Read the first week’s devotional free here: Anchor Your Soul in Hope. You can find it on Amazon.