The Judgment of God is Like a Merry-Go-Round

This is a picture of a red, blue, and yellow painted merry go round at a park to represent the way the judgment of God will happen.

If you were a child before the 1990s or 2000s, you probably remember merry-go-rounds. They were fast, and they were fun. They were also, apparently, lawsuit magnets for the many injuries sustained when centrifugal force met gravity. There are very few merry-go-rounds left in modern parks, but as I was pondering the latest warning from God’s watchmen one day, it occurred to me how a merry-go-round is an excellent analogy for the judgment of God.

Merry-Go-Rounds Pick Up Speed

The first thing I thought of is the fact that merry-go-rounds start slowly but pick up speed. I remember taking turns doing the running and the rush of adrenaline as I pushed as hard as I could and then hopped on at the last second. If you could get an adult to do the pushing, that was all the better. That last arm swoop after the run was such a rush as the spin got exponentially faster. 

The judgment of God also starts slowly as He gives the opportunity for people to repent. When we don’t, the natural consequence of living outside of God’s way of doing things is trouble. God is a God of justice and mercy. His judgment rolls both into one. He punishes nations so that distressed people will turn to Him for help. Historically, God has punished nations for sin using famine (lack of food), pestilence (illness), wild beasts (demonic entities), and the sword (war).

Think about how much more in-your-face evil has become in just the past few years. We are also hearing about old-time diseases like measles and tuberculosis making a comeback. Crop losses in the heartland this past summer have left empty shelves, and “rumors of war” are a daily occurrence. I don’t think it’s our imagination that the judgment of God is building up into one big “push” that will leave America spinning.

Scaredy Cats Sat in the Center

Second, everybody knows that different parts of the merry-go-round make for a very different riding experience. Little ones and scaredy cats always sat in the center. There was still a little bit of a whirl, but the ride was pretty safe if you held on tightly. Older kids, mavericks, and thrill seekers sat on the edge – or even on top. There, the spin was significantly faster, and the pull was intense. Even holding on didn’t necessarily guarantee that you would stay on when things got going fast. There was a risk involved. It was dangerous. 

When the judgment of God hits a nation, where we are in Him will give us a very different judgment experience. Those who fear God stay close to Him. We will still see the turmoil, but the ride will be a lot safer with His protection. Those who choose to stay far from God will feel the full force of the world’s spin. The world has a powerful pull on a regular day. When times are tough, people might choose to do things they would never do in ordinary circumstances if they haven’t already made the decision to do things God’s way. Even holding on, there may be some who fall (away). 

How Can We Position Ourselves?

Make no mistake, the judgment of God has already started in America and is picking up intensity. Now is the time to get closer to God. Now, before the last big swoop when things spin faster and start to seem out of control. Make time every day to read the Bible and spend time in His presence. Search yourself for areas of your life that you have held back from Him, and give Him your all. Practice leaning on Him and listening for His voice to guide you in every decision you make now so that when trouble comes, you will be protected in His shelter.

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5 thoughts on “The Judgment of God is Like a Merry-Go-Round”

  1. Absolutely love this! Yes, I remember these masters of disasters from back in the day and I wouldn’t be able to take the round and round anymore! Very similar to worldly views and the corruption I see nowadays, it is dizzying. How Blessed we are every moment for His Love and protection!

  2. Wow, sis, EXCELLENT post!!! I DO so remember those merry go rounds and I was always in the middle, LOL! At our school, it was situated on jet black, hard-as-rock concrete. So was the slide. You remember the one… shiny silver, solid metal, and would burn your legs off in shorts. We always laughed and said they melted our flesh and that’s why our bare legs wouldn’t slide. Bonus points if we got to go out while it was raining!!! Slip and slide all the way down to the concrete :-)!! Wow… those were the days, we’re they?

    The need for a message like this is exponential and I will be sharing all around. Thank you so much for your “spin” on the message 😉 It’s amazing!

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