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What My Dog Taught Me About God’s Timing

God’s timing is perfect. Ours is not. It’s one thing to know it and believe it. It’s another thing to experience a situation in which we want something so very badly, and it’s not yet God’s time for it. This morning over breakfast, I think my dog taught me a lesson about God’s timing that I will take to heart from now on.

The Setup

Bagels and cream cheese. Yum. I love them. My dog Angel loves them too. This morning, I was sitting in bed eating my bagel. (I’m a teacher on summer break, so I can do stuff like that.) My dog was sitting with her little snout on my bed. Her eyes looked up so very longingly at my plate. The crispety, crunchety sound of bagel munching was in the air. Angel wanted a bite of my bagel. She licked her chops with a little sigh.

I took a sip of my coffee, surveying the bagel landscape. The bite at the end would be just perfect for her. It wouldn’t be too much to give her a tummy ache, and my own stomach would be satisfied by that point, too. I made my decision to give her the very last bite of my bagel. I continued eating, my plan firmly established. And then she left.

The Lesson

In that moment, I saw myself in the many times I have come before God asking Him for the latest thing I WANTED. I have pleaded with God over things in my life, looking up at Him with plaintive eyes and practically licking my chops. But how many times have I gotten tired of God’s timing and wandered away right before He gave me the thing I was asking for? Of course, I have no way of knowing, but it sure made me think.

The next time I come before God, asking Him for something in my life, I’m going to remember this breakfast. I’m going to stay at the altar until the situation resolves itself and the door is either swung open wide or slammed tightly shut. I won’t give up while God still has the bagel in His hand.

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3 thoughts on “What My Dog Taught Me About God’s Timing”

  1. I love this! It is so true and the most beautiful thing is you see God’s hand in everything just as I do. There is a lesson in everything if our hearts are open to Him! Thank you for the smile that is on my face as a reminder that we are His!

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