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The Waves of God’s Judgment & the Child of God

This is a picture of the waves hitting the shore in Cancun to represent the waves of God's judgment.

God’s judgment is coming. Everyone who understands the Bible and knows God knows that His patience with sin, while long-suffering, does run out. When judgment comes, it comes in waves. Watchmen have been warning, and those who hear from God directly have let the rest of us know. When the time comes to chastise the people, it won’t be a one-and-done. There will be multiple events that will lead to the refining of the Bride, mercy to the lost who will seek God in their pain, and a hardening of the heart to those who will ultimately reject the Light of God.

Two summers ago, I spent a few glorious days in Cancun, Mexico. I had prayed about it and felt that God was okay with the trip. While I was there, I was conscious of just how much God always takes care of me and my needs. I had wanted a beach so badly. I wanted to feel my toes in the sand, and He had made a way for me to go. Anyway, about the second or third day into my trip to Cancun, I was out in the water, and these thoughts about God’s judgment came to me:

Waves of God’s Judgement are Like Waves in the Sea

When we see the waves (of God’s judgment) crashing toward the shore, they will look ferocious from afar, but we (children of God), are not to fear. Because just as the wave gets near to us, an alternative force from the shore (God’s protection) will lessen the impact. What should have knocked us over will become a gentle bump. Also, even on the same beach within a few feet of each other, there are high spots and low spots. At a high spot (near to God), the wave hits at the shin and has a much lesser impact. At a low spot (further from God, more invested in the world), the wave hits in the gut and can knock us over.

Also, whether a high spot or a low spot, and no matter how much those waves are mitigated, sometimes a wave just hits hard anyway. (I think there will be some parts of judgement that will hit us personally.) One time a wave hit me, hard, and I got water in my eyes and my mouth. So, I went back to my beach chair and wiped the water from my face and took a sip of my cool drink. I then realized that God will be with us during that time. The Holy Spirit will comfort us whatever we go through.

We Still Need to Get Off The Beach

The last thing I noticed while on the beach thinking through this analogy was that the waves themselves never came to the beach chairs. In fact, some people never even got their feet wet but were content on the shore. The further out, the harder the waves, but the stronger the sense that God was with me and in control. Very soon, some may be asked to get off their beach chairs (or out of their bunkers) and get into the water. Some will be asked to go further into the waves than they ever thought they would, but those are the people who will experience the glorious magnificence of a God who holds every drop of the crashing sea in His hands.

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